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Flexible fitness built for corporate wellness programs.



Why partner with us?

Peerfit partners with fitness studios, gyms, and streaming services to redefine workplace wellness programs and benefits nationwide.

Peerfit has helped organizations with progressive workplace wellness incentives to give employees access to networks of fitness studios, gyms and streaming services, all under one account.

Through our platform, employees can reserve fitness classes and gym time at any facility in the Peerfit network, as well as stream workouts online, giving them the power of choice.

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We've got you covered.

Engagement is a top focus for our platform. In 2018, active Peerfitters took over 60,000 classes.

We are the top corporate wellness vendor. Let your employees join the Peerfit community and become part of the movement to redefine wellness! Employers receive detailed monthly engagement reports, allowing them to make informed decisions around employee wellbeing. 

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Peerfit redefines corporate wellness in 3 steps


Step one: Invest

Investing in the wellness of your employees means investing in the wellness of your business. It’s time to give your team a corporate wellness incentive they’ll actually use (and enjoy!).


Step two: Engage

Engage your employees with one simple solution. Peerfit’s wellness program attracts all fitness levels, while a dedicated account manager monitors employees’ engagement, helping you get the most out of your benefits program.


Step three: Track

Make informed engagement decisions to improve your teams health. Monthly activity reporting helps you track how your employees engage with Peerfit, making wellness the bedrock of your companies culture.

Take the first step

If you think your company already uses Peerfit, sign up for your account here.

Fitness that's built by professionals, just for you.

Lead by the VP of Enterprise Health, Emma Maurer and the Chief Growth Officer, Todd Slawter, our Enterprise Health team is ready to provide you with the best Peerfit experience. From multisite to rural employers, labor/distribution companies to tech companies, law firms to school districts and everything in between, our team will help create a plan that will work for your population, all stemming around our mission to redefine wellness in the workplace