Your benefits package,
complete with Peerfit.

Offer your employees the benefit offering they’re looking for.  Employees want access to a network of local fitness studios, gyms, and streaming services provided by their corporate benefits package. Peerfit offers a variety of fitness experiences that caters to all levels and interests.

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Why Partner with Peerfit?


Peerfit is the modern-day version of the stale gym reimbursement model offering a variety of experiences that cater to all fitness levels. Build a community focused on health and activity while driving higher engagement than the standard corporate wellness program.


We act as an engagement engine that complements your company's DNA, building a community centered around health and wellness.


16,000+ clients of all sizes, from all industries and growing - with local and nationwide access to 10,000+ fitness facilities. We have something for wherever your employees are in their fitness journey.

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Eliminate wasteful spending and protect your budget with Peerfit. No setup fees and an investment that’s driven by engagement.

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Build workplace culture and increase engagement through community challenges, and built-in social features. A dedicated account manager will monitor employees’ engagement, helping you get the most out of your benefits program.

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Track your value on investment and ensure long-term success on your wellness program strategies through our provided aggregate reporting.

Continue your workouts online with our digital offerings.

In addition to our thousands of facilities nationwide, Peerfit offers a wide variety of digital streaming, live, and on-demand fitness options built for a flexible workforce.

Give your employees access not only to our nationwide network of top-tier, in-person fitness experiences but also to an entire library of digital classes they can access right from their home. Unlimited classes are available monthly with the ability for users to invite their co-workers to participate.

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Our streaming partners offer:

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Live & On-Demand Fitness

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Peer to Peer Interaction

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A Diversity of Fitness Options

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Workout Plans

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Meditation & Mindfulness

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A Growing Library

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While 75% of consumers surveyed said they will eventually return to pre-pandemic routines and the actual gym, many indicated that they will retain a virtual component.

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With gym restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, consumers are expected to continue to invest in at-home fitness experiences.


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